Between colleagues creating a more harmonious and productive workforce.
Who We Are


Workforce Harmony is an HR support company that will provide course material through reading, videos, and questions that follow. Our main focus is employee relationship building. Our target audience is small-medium businesses and larger corporations in all different industries.
What We Offer



Employee Relationship Building: Peer to Peer

Peer relationships refers to relations with individuals who are considered to be on the same level of the organizational hierarchy as you.


Employee Relationship Building: Manager to Subordinate

After completing the Employee Relationship Building for Peer to Peer, managers will then complete the Employee Relationship Building for Manager to Subordinate.

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    You may choose however many courses you wish to take, or if you are an organization or company, however many you wish to have your employees take. Some courses may be offered for employee levels and managerial levels. The manager version includes all the material from the employee version of the course but will also include other information that pertains to supervisory roles and responsibilities.
    You will need a computer, an internet connection, and a web browser. We recommend Safari, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.
    No. If you are taking the course as an individual, it is entirely self-paced. However, if you are taking courses as part of an organization or company, there is a deadline for completion that will be established by your company, however, within that time frame the courses are still self-paced.
    You will be allowed to take the final exam a total of two times. There is no extra fee for taking the exam a second time, however, the score received after the second attempt is the score that will be kept even if that score should be lower than the first attempt.
    In order to have multiple people take the courses you need to have purchased as an organization and have purchased one seat for each person who intends to participate.
    Yes. After you sign up you will receive an email with your login credentials. If you are being signed up as part of an organization or company, your company will receive a code and then you will sign in with that code and create your own individual profile. After your profile is created you can begin the courses.